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CQ on Congress

May 17, 2019

Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell criticizes President Trump's strategy to oust Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and touts a broad-based, multi-national diplomatic campaign as an alternative. And CQ Roll Call's foreign policy reporter Rachel Oswald explains why Republicans in Congress are...

May 10, 2019

The continuing damage to businesses and farmers from the trade stand off between China and the U.S. is a sign that Congress needs to reinsert itself into the trade policy-making process again, argues Clark Packard, a trade policy counsel at the R Street Institute, a center-right think tank. He warns that...

May 3, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates and most House Democrats want to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2024, a proposal David Cooper of the Economic Policy Institute says makes sense. But CQ Roll Call’s Lindsey McPherson explains why some Democrats representing rural areas are holding up the...

Apr 26, 2019

Jonathan Miller talks about his new CQ Magazine cover story on the Republicans' decision, thus far, to ignore policy proposals in their 2020 planning. Miller found this worries some lawmakers, like Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, who'd like to see the party offer new ideas.

Apr 18, 2019

CQ legal affairs reporter Todd Ruger says House Democrats now have plenty of leads from Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III's report to investigate, especially as to whether Trump sought to obstruct justice.