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CQ on Congress

Jun 30, 2017

CQ Roll Call reporters Dean DeChiaro and Gopal Ratnam explain the latest on President Donald Trump's travel ban, which went into partial effect June 29 following a Supreme Court decision. They explain who is now allowed into the United States and who is not and discuss the legal and policy debates to come.




Jun 23, 2017

CQ's health reporter Kerry Young and magazine editor Shawn Zeller explain the consequences of the draft health care bill crafted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who can cement his legislative legacy by slashing Medicaid — a program that helps almost 70 million people who live in or near poverty or...

Jun 16, 2017

Capping Medicaid payments is just one of several ideas Republican senators are kicking around as they struggle to fashion a health care bill to overhaul Obamacare, says CQ Roll Call health care reporter Kerry Young, who provides the latest developments.

Jun 9, 2017

Lawmakers could be in for more drama in the days ahead as they are expected to question other Trump administration officials following the testimony of former FBI director James Comey on the ongoing Russia-related investigation. CQ Roll Call's intelligence reporter Ryan Lucas, White House reporter John Bennett and legal...

Jun 2, 2017

Ex-FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify on June 8 at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about the conversations with President Donald Trump that led to his firing last month. CQ Roll Call's legal affairs writer Todd Ruger and intelligence reporter Ryan Lucas preview what Comey could say and whether it...