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CQ on Congress

Dec 16, 2016

Even before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, the Senate will move forward with a hearing on Trump’s nomination of Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions to head the Justice Department, which has already inspired fierce opposition and support, say CQ Roll Call’s Legal Affairs writer Todd Ruger and Senior...

Dec 13, 2016

CQ Roll Call's National Security reporter Ryan Lucas explains how Republicans and Democrats reach sometimes conflicting conclusions about whether the Kremlin tried to throw the election to Donald Trump.

Dec 7, 2016

Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey discusses his fear that a bipartisan $6.3 billion health package that would also overhaul the mental health system could be undercut by GOP efforts to repeal the health care law. He tells CQ Roll Call’s Health reporter Andrew Siddons and Managing Editor Adriel...