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CQ on Congress

Jan 28, 2016

Across the United States, cities and states are contending with a wave of abuse of painkillers, which is leading people to use heroin. Senators are working to come up with a bill to help mayors and governors cope with the crisis, which the CDC calls an epidemic.

Jan 27, 2016

Republicans appear ready to use their control over federal spending to try to withhold Justice Department money if President Barack Obama tries to move forward with any of the executive actions he announced on gun sales. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is standing on the sidelines, unwilling to take up the...

Jan 21, 2016

President Obama’s last budget request includes almost $4 billion to develop self-driving vehicles. Many in Congress view the cars as a way to reduce accidents and deliver environmental benefits. The question is whether concerns over cybersecurity, liability and management of radio spectrum could ground the effort,...

Jan 20, 2016

Senate Republicans have designs on passing a tax and spending plan this year. But it won't be easy in the midst of congressional and presidential elections. What's more, it may not be strictly necessary because last year's budget deal essentially locked in congressional spending levels for fiscal 2017.

Jan 19, 2016

More than 50 ex-members of Congress who left public life at the beginning of last year are now free to lobby their former colleagues. They’ll have to prove to businesses and advocacy groups that they can wield influence from the outside in a uniquely Washington ritual known as the revolving door that's seen about a...